Dream Big! An important city boulevard gets a re-think

June 14, 2014 – Thirty or so came to discuss how East 7th St. could look and serve as a boulevard, an entrance to downtown, and be welcoming to its residents. Outstanding ideas were vetted. People new to the area, as well as people who’d lived here for decades came up with excellent observations needed to design solutions.

More to come…..look for 2nd and 3rd sessions in July and September, respectively. Once the location is set we’ll publish here. In the meantime,

Complete the survey: http://www.longbeach.gov/district2/7thstreetvision/survey.asp

Pass out the project flyer/post in your shop 7th Street Workshop Flyer

Check out ideas HistoricStGuidelinesDoc

And check out the coolest 50 sec video ever about how our area grew. Thanks to Joanne Ancheta, CSULB graduate student.

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