East 7th St – 2014 Finalist – Neighborhood of the Year Award

Medical Clinic, re-imagined

March 13, 2014 – We’ve just received word that our submission based on the Re-envisioning Event is a finalist in the Neighborhoods USA – Neighborhood of the Year Award. Over 30 artists/designers/architects participated in an envisioned re-facading of East 7th St. >>View all the artwork here!<<

This year’s awards will be made during the NUSA’s annual conference in Eugene, OR May 21-24th.

In the meantime ….we are determined to make ‘Clean is Beautiful’ our mantra. March 22nd – Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm we are meeting on the street to clean up! Initial staging at East 7th & Junipero. Additional info will be at East 7th & Orange and East 7th & Temple.

Meet & Greet Team – Spearheaded by the UPS Dream Team Machine. This dedicated group will introduce East 7th St. Collaboration to property owners along the street; work to connect them to our efforts of adopting a tree, attending a meeting or two, and participating in the upcoming Street Improvement Initiative. Contact info@E7th.org for additional information.

Weed & Mulch Team – Over 120 trees were planted this past year along our boulevard. We need to maintain these treasures! Imagine springtime along East 7th St. in just a few years – beautiful.  Contact info@E7th.org for additional information.

Pick it up Team – Within just a couple of hours two dumpsters will be filled with cigarette butts, wrappers and well…more. It is amazing the effect of this has on our street. Contact info@E7th.org for additional information.

Bus Stop Art Team – With expert help of LB Skate and Aaron Jackson our skateboard ambassadors will help brand our bus stops as “clean” zones. Contact info@E7th.org for additional information.